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If You've Ever Wondered What Should Go on Your Speaking Contracts - Stop Wondering and Get This Set of "Contracts for Speakers"

Exclusively for speakers like you who want to communicate your professionalism and cover all the bases when sending a contract - also known as a letter of agreement - to speaking clients. With this all-new set of templates, you’ll stop having to guess what to put in your contracts, try to adjust something you randomly find online not even related to our business, or have to hire an expensive lawyer to write all your speaking contracts from scratch.

This set of contract templates for speakers is normally priced at $197 for the general public... but because of your relationship with the Black Speakers Network YOU can save 50% and get the full set of contracts for just about every occasion a speaker needs PLUS some awesome bonuses and templates to make dotting your i's and crossing your t's easier than ever - for just $97!

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50 Tips To Jump Start Your Speaking Career by

Cheryl Wood

"Somebody needs what you know right now." - Cheryl Wood

Sharing your unique voice, perspective, message and story is an invaluable asset. Your ability to expound another person's thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, desires, and goals through verbal communication such as publsic speaking is one of the most effective tools you can leverage for postively impacting the world.

Whatever your speaking goals are, this book will help you to jump start your speaking career. you will benefit from the 50 powerful speaker tips for making the greatest impact through sharing your voice. Study the tips as a guide for taking your speaking career to the next level.

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on Amazon & Kindle)

Are You Wasting Time, Money and Energy Speaking to the Wrong Audience?

by Brian Olds

You have probably seen speakers who you could tell were not passionate about their topic. Or a speaker who is struggling to book speaking engagements because did not know who their target audience was. Figuring out your core message and topic is a MUST when starting your speaking business. But too often we skip this step and it costs up a lot of time and money. Selecting your Speaking Topic and Audience is a 13-Page step-by-step workbook that is packed with key questions and insights to help you identify your core message and the audience you are called to speak to.

Stop Struggling and Start Speaking!

If your speaking calendar is looking kind of light, then you have the tool to fix that today. The 51 Online Resources To Find and Book Your Next Speaking Engagement is a comprehensive 20-page PDF Resource Guide created for you with the goal to completely remove the excuse of not knowing where to look for speaking engagements.