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  • Business Cards

  • Speech and Business Coaching

  • Videography and Video Editing

  • Publishing & Editing Services

  • Public Relations, Branding and Marketing Support

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Speaker Development Classes

The Black Speakers Network Speaker Development Series is a key educational resource for current and aspiring speakers who seek to advance their career and grow their speaking business. Each virtual class is designed to be a concise, value-driven, and inspiring segment that addresses an important topic within the professional speaking industry.

B.I.O (Blunders, Inaccuracies, & Oversights): 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Speaker Bio

speaker: Tierany Griffin-Purdue

In this webinar, Tierany Griffin-Purdue will share five common mistakes to avoid while writing a speaker's bio and share some tips that help you get hired, gain visibility and win you serious respect!

About Your Speaker
Armed with an indelible love for bringing stories to life, Tierany Griffin-Purdie has spent most of her life writing short, fictional stories, reading every book she could get her hands on, and exploring her love for music and style. 

5 Must-Haves of a Successful Speaker Event Page That Converts!

Speaker: danielle tucker

During this session about the "5 Must-Haves of a Successful Speaker Event Page That Converts", you will learn the best practices for creating a captivating live event page for your events in 2019. By the end of the session, you'll know the best strategies for increasing sales and building excitement before your guests even attend your event!

In this masterclass, you will learn how to:
• Build excitement before your guests even attend your event
• Increase your event page signups by 144%
• Boost awareness in order to quickly sell out your in-person event

About Your Speaker:

Danielle Tucker is the Founder and Creative Director of Professional Speaker Websites. She founded PSW as a solution to bridge a crucial gap in the speaking and coaching industries. For over 4 years, Danielle has worked to help professional speakers and coaches that speak to look amazing online and become influential leaders in the online space. With her proven track record of success, Danielle hopes to help more speaking professionals stand out online and become influential figures within their industry.

StoryTelling Techniques used by Award Winning Actors!

speaker: cliff townsend

In this master class you will learn...

Techniques/strategies and secrets that actors use to draw you in emotionally to their stories
Using Language to bring your story to life
How To Develop Stage Presence and Be Authentic
And Much Much More...

About Your Speaker

As an Actor/Professional Speaker and Master Speaking Coach Cliff Townsend will share the Methods he has used to help business executives, leadership teams, speakers, coaches, consultants, and many other professionals reach this level of persuasive presentations, speeches, interviews, and public appearances. His performance-based public speaking training shows you how to tap into your most powerful instrument—yourself—to speak with confidence, impact, and influence. You'll learn to apply theater-inspired techniques and tools to your next presentation.

how to increase your business profits as a speaker

speaker: krista jennings

In this highly interactive training, you will learn how to implement systems and strategies to grow and scale your business. You will learn formulas, tools and automation sequences that will allow you to experience increased productivity and profits. Attendees will walk away with a framework on how to utilize systems and strategies to create structure and to scale their speaking business.

About Your Speaker
Krista Jennings is fastly becoming the most sought-after Business Systems Strategist in the online business community. 

She is famous for helping solopreneurs such as coaches and consultants, as well as small business owners on how to strategize to increase their profit without working long hours in their business.


get highly booked And highly paid to speak

speaker: cheryl wood


This program will provide fundamental content to help new and emerging speakers learn how to increase their visibility, credibility, and profitability

About Your Speaker

Cheryl Wood is an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and professional speaker development coach. Her company, Personal Power Enterprises, LLC, specializes in training and developing new and emerging speakers to share their unique story and monetize their message, with a focus on developing women speakers. Wood has shared her story of boldly transitioning from her corporate job as a legal secretary to growing a 7-figure speaking business in over 30 domestic states and abroad as far as South Africa, India, London and the Bahamas. Her transformative work has been featured on ABC, Radio One, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, Essence, Black Enterprise, The Washington Informer, Good Morning Washington, Fox 5 News, The Baltimore Times and the Afro-American Newspaper, amongst many other media outlets. 


From Fearful to Fearless: Successful Public Speaking

speaker: roquita johnson


Some of the highlights that speakers will learn during this webinar are:
-The questions every speaker MUST ask him/herself when preparing their speech or presentation
-Techniques for starting and ending your speech with a bang
-Strategies to calm nerves when speaking
-The best ways to create audience engagement and what to do when you're losing the audience
-Verbal and non-verbal do's and don'ts

About Your Speaker

Roquita Johnson is an award-winning speaker, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, and founder and president of Roquita Johnson Public Speaking LLC. She has worked with a variety of people to develop and hone their speaking skills – from business professionals to nonprofit leaders to entrepreneurs.

Maximize Your Score, Maximize Your Life!

speaker: edwin avent


During this interactive webinar, speakers will learn how to use credit to build their speaking business. 
What attendees can expect to leave with: 
→ Know how to improve their credit scores
→ Know which credit products can help with business expenses
→ Learn how to keep more of what they earn by improving their credit.

About Your Speaker

Edwin speaks on the topics of:
Living the MAXimum Life (Motivational)
Dream it, Plan it, Do it! (Business Development, Planning and Motivational)


How to Become a TEDx Speaker!

speaker: horace buddoo


In this session, you will learn
1) the ingredients of a good TEDx Talk
2) the TEDx speaker application process
3) how to find TEDx events to apply to
4) what makes a TEDx Talk different from every other type of talk
5) The Dos and Don'ts of delivering a TEDx Talk

About Your Speaker
Horace Buddoo is an educator, a speaker, an educational consultant, speaker coach, and the founder/principal consultant of Use Your Speak. 

Horace has been the organizer and curator of two successful TEDx events and has coached scores of TEDx speakers. He has also coached CEOs, TV personalities, and numerous professionals to enhance their public speaking skills. He has led master classes on speaking and is currently working on a book that will help anyone to become a master public speaker.


Present for Profit: Learn to Use Paid Speaking Engagements to Grow Your Small Business

speaker: Summer Alexander


Whether you are speaking to an audience of 1 or 1,000, confused people don't buy and bored people don't listen. In this session, participants will learn to secure paid speaking engagements that hold the attention of their audience and position them to grow their business, brand and bottom line.

About Your Speaker
With a background in market research, technology, and communications; Summer Alexander is uniquely qualified to help businesses learn to combine their data with their story to create client-centered messaging. As CEO of Simply Marketing Solutions, LLC, she leads the marketing strategy consulting firm and has advised clients in the areas of market analysis and industry research, strategic marketing plan development, marketing message creation and implementation, community outreach, and social media strategy.

It Only Takes 1 Client

speaker: brian thomas

In this masterclass, you will learn how to: Many speakers expect to have different people calling them all the time to speak, but the truth is that may not happen as fast as you think. Until then you can grow your business from having the same organization call you. Leveraging one client helped me create and sustain my business and I desire help others do the same.

About Your Speaker
Brian Thomas is originally from Dallas, Texas where he graduated from Dallas Lincoln High School before traveling for college to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Graduating college Summa Cum Laude as a collegiate athlete and quickly moving up in his professional career. Brian is currently a Plant Manager in the Automotive Industry where he is responsible for leading a team of 160 people as part of a $90 Million dollar operation.  In 2014, Brian founded his company KIPNspire Group where he educates and motivates the masses through educational and motivational teachings of professional development and life skills. Brian desires to ensure everyone know that their #CareerMatters


What to Know as A Speaker about Expenses, Pay, and Taxes

speaker: Shan-nel d. simmons

In this masterclass, you will learn how to:
→How to treat various speaker fees for tax purposes
→Common expenses speakers can deduct for tax purposes
→Good recordkeeping practices to keep track of expenses and income

About Your Speaker
Shan-Nel is armed with over 15 years accounting and tax experience working in several regional corporate headquarters. She has an MBA in accounting and finance, and for 7 years she served as an IRS revenue agent for individuals and businesses. Shan-Nel is now the owner and tax pro of Nel's Tax Help, and she uses her education and expertise to help individuals and service based business owners with their accounting and taxes throughout the year. When she is not helping others with their taxes and bookkeeping, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, listening smooth jazz, a good glass of wine, and spas. 




→Learn 6 key elements your website MUST have in 2018
→Learn how missing these key elements is costing you time, money, and opportunities
→Learn exactly how to create and implement these elements
→What meeting planners look for in a website

About Your Speaker
Marshall is a graphic designer, brand consultant, and CEO of 120 Design Studio, LLC, one of the highest-rated graphic design agencies in the United States. His agency specializes in helping authors, speakers, coaches and solopreneurs in two major areas where they consistently fall short: their personal brand and online presence. His keen sense of design and attention to detail helps his clients increase brand awareness, credibility and sales.


Branding is King : Building an Online Brand that Sells!

speaker: Dupé Aleru

In this session you will learn to how: position and leverage your personal online brand; create content that sells; and build a community of partners that know, like and trust you. No more second guessing what to post, how to post, and how to grow your audience. This session will get you engaging with your network, keep you ‘front of mind’ in your network to get you booked to speak, and help you generate new exposure and opportunities.

What attendees can expect to leave with:
→Position and leverage their personal brand online
→Create content that sells
→Build a community of partners that know, like, and trust them

About Your Speaker
Dupé is a speaker, author, and highly sought after thought leader who focuses on curriculum development, content creation, and branding. She’s the founder of Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens— an education community that provides online courses, mentoring, and tutoring for students K-12. 


How To Build A Thriving Speaking Business!

speaker: Linnita Hosten

New, novice or considering the pursuit of a professional speaking platform? Learn how to maximize your “Waived Fee” period as a new speaker. This webinar teaches novice speakers how to build their professional speaking business from the ground up.

About Your Speaker

National speaker, two-time author and student success enthusiast, Linnita Hosten, provides content-packed and researched-based —orientation and new student programming for high schools and colleges/universities.


How to Win with Media

speaker: jessica lundy

You finally landed an interview at a media outlet. You’re super excited, but then you start to panic. What do you do next? Whether this is your first interview or you’re a seasoned pro, everyone can use the extra support. That’s where I come in. My job is to make you look and feel confident, prepared and maximize your 2 minutes of fame. As an award winning TV Host that has interviewed a variety of people from celebrities and politicians to small business owners and non-profit organizations, I can take your on camera presence and interview skills to the next level, which will lead to more sales, credibility and brand recognition.

Jessica Lundy is an award winning TV host, media trainer, certified life coach and speaker, who’s determined to help people live their best lives by adapting a winning mindset. From winning her dream job after competing with over 1200 people to become a Television Host in a major market to winning her honeymoon in beautiful Cancun, Mexico; Jessica understands the power of attracting the things you desire into your life by having the right mindset and systems in place.

5 Ways to Land Paid Speaking Engagements Through Blogging and Podcasting

speaker: kanika tolver

In this masterclass, you will learn how to:
→Learn how to use your speaking topics for blog postings, articles and podcast shows
→Learn how to pitch your speaking brand and topics to high profile websites and popular podcast shows
→Learn how to market your blog postings, articles and podcast interviews to land a paid speaking engagements

About Your Speaker
Kanika Tolver is no ordinary “social-preneur” from Washington, DC. This former highly decorated government employee turned rebel entrepreneur and Certified Professional Coach is a serial innovator who’s fueled by an extraordinary commitment to social change and to helping others create their own “epic lives.”

Lights, Camera, Action: Mastering Your Own Events

speaker: Mothyna James-Brightful

In this masterclass, you will learn how to:
→Top Reasons Why Events Fail and How to avoid them
→5 Secrets to Transform Your Next Live Event
→True Benefits of Live Events

Some will tell you that live events are dead. However, what does Amazon, Google, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and TEDx have in common? They all host live, in person events every single year. Why? Because nothing beats connecting with people face to face. If you’ve ever desired to host your own events or are currently doing yet want to do it better this seminar is for you. With over 15 years of experience hosting events small intimate to large-scale multi-day conferences, Sister Mothyna will share with you how she successfully hosts her own events. In Lights, Camera, Action we address not only the top reasons why events fail but how to avoid them. Sister Mothyna’s teach you the top 5 secrets to transforming your next live event. This is a true opportunity to leap 10 years ahead and avoid some of the pitfalls while reaping the benefits of in-person events.

About Your Speaker
Mothyna James-Brightful is described as “energetic, passionate and inspirational” by audiences. Affectionately known as Sister Mothyna, she’s worked as a professional public speaker for over 14 years, she has worked in the field of sexual violence prevention for the last 13 years. During that time, she has trained over 100,000 individuals and amassed over 44,000 hours of speaking experience. Sister Mothyna has honored speaking requests at numerous conferences, community programs and schools, including the University of Maryland systems, In Plain Sight Conference, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Baltimore City and County Public School system.


How To Develop Your Speaker Brand

speaker: Tiffany Bethea


In this session you will learn how to separate yourself from other speakers by developing a unique brand that will have events hosts racing to book you. Have you ever felt a little confused on which topic you should speak on or what audience is the most appropriate for you? In this talk we will uncover how to nail down the perfect speaking topic and how to determine who is the best fit for you to speak to. You will walk away confident in how to package and promote your speaking platform to the masses.

What attendees can expect to leave with:
Attendees will walk away understanding the importance of having a brand as a speaker and how to develop theirs. They will gain insights on how to narrow down the right topics, audience and niche.

About Your Speaker
The KingdomBOSS Coach, passionately resides where Faith and business intersect. She is an author, speaker, coach, consultant combining her experience as a Minister of the gospel and marketing and branding expert to serve faith based brands and Spirit-led Entrepreneurs. She is the quiet force behind many men and women in business and several faith based brands. Through her holistic approach, Tiffany focuses on Spirit, Soul, Body and Business wellness so that her clients can sustain and enjoy the powerful brands they build. She is known as an innovator and one who possess immense creativity. Her specific expertise has been cultivated in Brand launch and development, Online Marketing Management, Media Content Development, Marketing & Sales Copy, Launch strategies, and Client Attraction and Retention. Her strategies are best for those looking to experience exponential growth in their businesses and in their lives.


Grow your Business with a Bestselling Book!

Speakers: Mwale & Chantel

Tired of speaking for free? 
Ready to take your speaking business to the next level?

We're dropping MAJOR industry secrets including:
→ How to connect your book title with corporate and non-profit budgets
→ How to 10x your speaking engagements by using the 3 P system: Past, Present & Profit
→ Best ways to leverage online communities to generate consistent income

What attendees can expect to leave with:
→ How to develop book titles that correspond with corporate/nonprofit budgets
→ Best practices for creating a movement around their book
→ Best practices for repurposing content for digital courses and online workshops

About Your Speakers
Mwale & Chantel are founders of The Legacy Project, an international publishing company which helps passionate people give birth to their books.

We have launched numerous bestsellers, first-time authors, and paid speakers. All have seen a 15-37% increase in book sales, speaking engagement and product development as a result of working with us.

We believe that everyone has an important story to tell and a legacy to leave behind. We are dedicated to getting your message out there, one book at a time. Click here for replay.


PR Your Life to Increase Speaking Engagements and Grow Your Business


Do you use Public Relations to get more speaking engagements? Well, you should. In this webinar, you will learn about PR, Identity Branding and how they work hand in hand to get you more speaking engagements and grow your business. 

Public Relations & Identity Branding is a method of building credibility, notoriety and keeping the public curious about what you are going to do next. Amplify who you are to attract more people to you for more speaking opportunities and to feed into your business.

Born and raised in The Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA), Tonya graduated from CSU Northridge, where she served as a Director in student government and a Marketing Coordinator. Tonya became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc in 1995. Her professional experience includes helping to raise over $1million to open a new high-tech YMCA facility where she served as the Associate Executive Director and a middle school and high school competitive cheer coach. Tonya was elected and served as a Director for the Oakley Chamber of Commerce, appointed to the Youth Council for Supervisor Federal Glover of Contra Costa County and also served on the board of the Antioch Arts Council. Tonya and her family relocated back to Southern California in 2013 where she worked for Southland Publishing and went on to publish her own Real Estate Agent Magazine. Currently, Tonya resides in Redondo Beach, CA where she owns and operates a Public Relations firm serving speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Tonya is an appointed member of the City of Redondo Beach GPAC (General Plan Advisory Committee) and avid child advocate. Recently, Tonya was elected as the first African American to serve on the Board of Directors for the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau. Click here for replay.



Facebook Live: Pam Perry & Les Brown

Black Speakers Network Founder, Brian J. Olds along with the man who taught us "It’s Possible!", Les Brown, along with Speakers Magazine Founder and Publisher, Pam Perry shared some exciting news.

There were nuggets of wisdom being dropped all throughout the FB LIVE Event, but by far, the most powerful piece of FREE information Les Brown dropped was:

Three Things You Need To Succeed:

  • Mindset

  • A Coach (they should be experienced and accomplished)

  • Start Creating and Maintaining Collaborative, Achievement Driven, Supportive Relationships!

The focus for the trio hosting the FB Live was to discuss the upcoming DISCOVER YOUR POWER VOICE 2018. They not only shared a powerful message to aspiring and seasoned speakers, but we learned how members of BSN can attend the event on April 6 - April 8 in Deerfield, FL. Thirty lucky Black Speakers Network members will have the opportunity to receive a $500 scholarship for the DISCOVER YOUR POWER VOICE event by visiting bit.ly/lesbrownbsn and signing up. Remember, it’s on a first come, first serve basis and is only available to the first 30 members who register and pay.

The Black Speakers Network (BSN) Speaker Development Webinar is a key educational resource for professionals who seek to leverage speaking to advance their career and grow their business.

To hear a replay of the FB Live Event, please click here 




In this webinar, you will learn how you can leverage everyday tools to build your authority, including the #1 way to build it! 
→ Learn the top secret method to building a following quickly
→ Learn 3 ways authority can make you more money, no matter your industry, job, or business
→ Learn how to build or launch a new business based on your authority

Be prepared to walk away with the following:
→ Attendees will hone in on specific authority niche and how it can aid in booking
→ Attendees will learn 5 life-changing benefits from establishing authority in 2018
→ Attendees will learn 5 simple strategies for building (more) authority in 2018

"When adults run out of answers they start blaming children.” - Sadiq Ali

As a staunch yet empathetic youth advocate, Sadiq is a natural-born teacher whose work revolves around making sure we never blame children. He has created many programs for schools, youth detention centers, non-profit and community organizations to engage more young people. He’s also a TV/Radio host and commentator, social entrepreneur, best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, trainer, and professor. Sadiq has worked with thousands of young people, their parents and youth practitioners all around the country on connecting better with their passions and building long-lasting confidence. Follow along @TheSadiqAliShow or @MillionaireManners! Click here for replay.




LegalShield has been in the legal services and identity theft protection industry for over 45 years and proudly boasts as an industry leader protecting the lives of over 4.6 million across the US and Canada. This session will fully explain how speakers can protect themselves/families, their identities, and their speaking businesses with affordable legal services and identity theft protection. The Black Speakers Network (BSN) Speaker Development Webinar is a key educational resource for professionals who seek to leverage speaking to advance their career and grow their business.

Reginald and Hennither Gant are a dynamic husband and wife duo who are proud to be Servant Leaders. Through their HR Consulting firm, Career Image Solutions, they proudly educate and equip career seekers and business owners with the services they need the most. LegalShield is their latest offering and is a rapidly growing segment of their company today. Click here for replay.



This webinar covers the following:

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?

  • How can a Virtual Assistant help you and your business as a professional speaker?

  • What is the cost of adding a Virtual Assistant to your team?

  • How do you secure a Virtual Assistant?

In 2014, Tamara took her one-woman “helper” role mainstream and ventured out as a Virtual Professional Assistant. Her background is diverse and ranges from a Barista to a Corporate Trainer; all of the skills attained in those roles have given Tamara the drive and know-how to provide unsurpassed, detail oriented service in a high volume business. The 'Work Smarter, Not Harder' business "lifestyle" was designed by Tamara and her team to teach individuals and small businesses tips, techniques and shortcuts to maximize their work/life balance ratio. In addition to providing virtual assistant services, Tamara is also a personal assistant, virtual consultant, customer service and business fundamental trainer and a speaker. Tamara currently resides in Raleigh, NC where she can often be found hiding out at the library or bookstore turning the pages of her next great read. Check out more about Tamara Lewis & Co., Virtual Professional Assistants at www.virtualassistantlewis.com. Click here for the replay

Level Up On LinkedIn: How to have Confidence & Power when using LinkedIn


For nearly 25 years Rob "YB" Youngblood has leveraged his Communication, Leadership and Networking skills to create awareness, empower leaders, promote philanthropy, and facilitate connections that produce outstanding outcomes. As a Strategic Consultant YB empowers Solopreneurs, Speakers, Sales Professionals and College Students to overcome their fear of selling and become a Sales Magnet by leveraging LinkedIn to attract their ideal client. In many circles, I am known as The LinkedIn Locksmith. Attend this event to learn why LinkedIn is the platform you want to invest your time into if you are serious about attracting speaking opportunities. This webinar will enhance Speakers awareness, confidence and power when using LinkedIn, while offering insight on how to attract opportunities. Click here for replay



Are you ready to stop struggling to grow your Speaker Business? This evening, we will learn the proven system that the most successful Speakers are using. Using Dr. Will's P.A.M Formula, you will walk away with the courage to build your business.
Dr. Will is a 15 time bestselling author. Named a Top Speaker in America. And one of the most strategic business minds in the industry. With over 1100 presentations under his belt, he trains other Speakers to master the Speaking Industry. Click Here To View Replay

Communicating A Compelling Message Calmly, and With Confidence 

SPEAKER: Dr. Sharon Porter

Description: Want to book more speaking engagements...polish your presentation. As we know, the best form of marketing as a speaker is a great presentation! This program provides strategies for delivering effective speeches and presentations. Get ready to learn practical strategies that will equip speakers with confidence and effective communication. 

Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon), Educator, Author, Entrepreneur, and Speaker is the owner of PerfectTime SHP, LLC, founder of the GRIND Entrepreneur Network and Write the Book Now! Dr. Sharon hosts four podcasts and is the host of The I Am Dr. Sharon Show, an in-studio interview show, that features, educators, authors, and entrepreneurs. She is a NAESP certified principal mentor, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Secrets of Getting Paid To Speak - BSN Virtual Class with Aurora Gregory

Description: In this session, we were joined by Aurora Gregory for a Live Ask the Expert Q&A Session. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions related to growing your speaking business. 

Aurora Gregory knows the speaking business. She has spent nearly two decades working with speakers at all levels get booked as professional speakers. She is the co-author of the book Get Picked: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Creating Irresistible Speaker Proposals. Some of the biggest brands in business have worked with her to get their message right, create communications programs that connect with target audiences and set marketing strategies – all achieving stellar results. Aurora’s gotten high marks as a communications trainer, helping people develop skills to deliver their most important messages to customers, media and presentation audiences. She has years of experience in leading speaker’s bureau programs that have placed hundreds of speakers at local, national and international conferences.

Platform Partner Services

120 Design Studios (Use Discount Code BSN1 for 10% Off Your Order) - Black Speakers Network is proud to bring you direct access to the highest quality graphic design resources trusted by the top professional speakers on the market today. 120 Offers premium web, print, graphic design for authors, speakers and coaches.  

  • Speaker Electronic Press Kits Design

  • One Sheet Design

  • Book Cover Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Web Design

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