by Halona Black @ Digital Well Publisher


Reason #1 Becoming an author is the fastest road to expert status.

One of the greatest symbols of intelligence and expertise in any part of the world is authoring a book. Whether the book was written by you, or you hired a ghostwriter to write it on your behalf, having a book under your belt can open doors for you that speaking alone cannot.

Reason #2 Every book you write is a new income stream.

Speaking can make for a comfortable living if you design it to be. Those who think like an entrepreneur understand that every book you write is a brand new income stream. Be intentional about the books you write and think about the long term benefits of having them in your online store as well as in the back of the room after your speech is over. People are looking for opportunities to connect with you after you have delivered your life altering material on the stage. Don’t disappoint them by neglecting to write a book.

Reason #3 Books are an affordable way for people to discover your genius.

Not every person who needs you will be able to afford your products, programs, and services. A book can allow them to walk away feeling like they have made some kind of investment in their future, even if the other program options are beyond their means. On the flip side, there are lots of people who want to test the waters of your message before investing in one of your programs that require a much more hefty dollar investment. Buying one of your books today can lead to many more purchases over the course of several years. In either situation, you want to be prepared.

Reason #4 Books can help you attract media attention.

The media loves people who are experts. Magazines, local news shows, national morning television shows, etc. are all on the lookout for fresh new guests with a unique perspective. A well written book can catapult you to the top of the list when they need a guest to fill a segment on short notice.

Reason #5 Your books can be re-purposed into other material.

Devoting yourself to becoming a speaker means that you will have to prioritize your time. Rather than waste time creating new content for your blog, website, and social media every week, why not turn your book into other pieces of content? Your book can also be a speech, a series of ebooks, blog posts, audio training, coaching programs, etc.

What keeps some speakers from writing a book?

Many speakers are afraid to write a book because they don’t feel they have the capacity to be authors. Unfortunately, many of our English teachers did a great job at teaching the rules of punctuation, grammar, and spelling. However in the midst of sticking to those rules, they forgot to encourage the development of ideas. As a result, many talented speakers are paralyzed when asked to write a paragraph, never mind an entire book.

Technology helps those who feel they are much better speakers than they are writers. Many of your favorite online writing tools now come with a speech to text function. All you need to do is click a button, start talking, and your computer will do the rest. You do have to be careful as these tools are not perfect. A good editor will have to come behind you and clean up the language so that it reads like a book and not like a conversation. However speech to text technology can be a great tool to help you go from being afraid of the blank page, to being a productive writer.

Do you have questions about how becoming an author can enhance your public speaking career? Leave your questions below and I will do my best answer them.

Halona Black is the founder of, an educational media and training company focused on challenging coaches, speakers, and leaders to unveil their brilliance and take center stage. Halona teaches visionary entrepreneurs to create books, blogs, and other media that result in targeted clientele, speaking engagements, and increased profits. She is also the Executive Producer and host of the Digital Well Publisher Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher where she interviews high achieving authorpreneurs and experts to discover the tools and strategies they use to grow their business.