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Dr. Will Speaks

Dr. Will "WJ Moreland

Leadership & Speaker Development

Hi, I'm Dr. Will one of the most requested Speakers in America for "Motivational Business Leadership Success"
and I am constantly booked around the world to speak. I have traveled to over 40 different Countries to speak. In 2015 I was named one of the Best Speakers in America.
But now I want to teach you how to become a "Highly Paid Speaker." I want to help you amplify your VOICE and share your message to the exact people that need you. Your message is their medicine.

·      Services:

  • One-on-One Private Coaching session (4 sessions)

  •  One-on-One Private Coaching session (9 sessions)

Roquita Johnson Public Speaking LLC

Roquita Johnson

Public Speaking

Certified World Class Speaking Coach and award-winning speaker Roquita Johnson helps people learn to "Slay the Stage!" through her public speaking coaching and presentation skills services.

Everyone has a message, but if you don't know how to communicate - your message will never be heard. Or - if it is heard, it will not be understood. When it comes to public speaking, you are not just delivering a message - you ARE the message. And that is what I do as a Certified World Class Speaking Coach; I bring out the BEST version of who you are as a speaker, so you can confidently deliver your message in an authentic way. I am not only a coach, I am also an award-winning speaker, so I offer the credibility and experience a new speaker would require to become a top communicator.

·        Services:

  • TEDx speaker coaching 

  • Individual speaker coaching

  • Group speaker coaching

Use Your Speak

Horace Buddoo

TedX Speaking Coach

We providing speaking coaching services for serious speakers who would like to convey their ideas in a more purposeful, confident, and empowered way. We also specialize in TEDx speaker coaching for speakers who aspire to land TEDx talks.