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The Black Speakers Network (BSN) Speaker Development Webinar is a key educational resource for professionals who seek to leverage speaking to advance their career and grow their business. 


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On-Demand (Watch Now): 5 Common Mistakes Speakers Make With Their Speaker Proposals

Presenter: Aurora Gregory

We have all been there...you find the perfect event that has your target audience. Your content is ready, your slides are ready, you are ready but there is just one problem; you still need to Get Picked To Speak! Aurora Gregory knows the feeling all to well. She is the co-author of the book Get Picked: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Creating Irresistible Speaker Proposals. Some of the biggest brands in business have worked with her to get their message right, create communications programs that connect with target audiences and set marketing strategies – all achieving stellar results. At Black Speakers Network, we host free monthly webinars just like this one our members just like this one. To receive notifications of future webinars, click here