BSN Facebook Commuinty Guidelines


BSN Family,

As you know, the mission of our BSN Facebook Community is to be a forum for us to learn, share and celebrate best practices and resources to advance our confidence and competence as professional speakers.

To protect this mission, please take a few moments to review our revised Community Guidelines prior to posting in the group:
1. All posts, photos and links must be related to speaking or speaker development.

2. Any promotional posts for products or services over $25 must be reviewed and approved by BSN. You may send this request through a Facebook message to Brian J Olds or via
Approved promotional posts are limited to one per week. Please do not SPAM.

3. Opt-in links, sign up forms and links to contact forms or external third party sites are not permitted.
Posts that violate one or more of the reasons cited above will be removed. Future violations may be result in removal from the group.

If you have any questions about our revised guidelines or the relevance of future posts, please leave them in the comments below.

Thank you.
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Community Guidelines (updated 1/2018)